Thursday, June 4, 2009

Natasha the munchkin!

Natasha has taken dance all school year, and they had their recital the day after Memorial Day (with a practice on Memorial day, downtown - but we won't get into that!). The ballet students of all levels put on the Wizard of Oz, and she was a munchkin. Thanks to the family who came out to support her, she loved having you there.

Cassie is three

Cassie is three, and had a darling monkey party. She chose the theme back when we were at the party store for Natasha's party. It was a bit wild with 7 2 and 3 year olds, some sibling helpers, and many moms. Thank you to everyone for all of your help! We made monkey necklaces, animal hats, did bubbles, and ate a monkey rice crispy cake - don't laugh, I did my best! She had such a great time, it wore here right out. Halfway through dinner after the party, she burst into tears and asked to go to bed. Gramie helped her out with some cuddle time.

A little red in the face!

Natasha's 1st grade did a darling program, and she was asked to be one of the leads, Rossie # 3. She had a LOT to memorized, but did a great job. We went to the "dress rehearsal" on the first day, and things went really smoothly - the next day it was for real in front of the school. For some reason, that morning happened to be when she tried out the special pills from Crest. They had a lesson all about proper tooth brushing and gave them hot pink pills to chew and they would show you where you aren't brushing well enough. I guess she found out that it also made for a fun "paint", and painted her face with it after she had brushed. She was having a great time, until it wouldn't wash off. Then she remembered, "I have to sit on a stage with a spot light on me in front of the entire school!". A little 7 year old drama to say the least, but it all worked out. I wish the picture did it justice, because it was pretty bad. Her teacher asked me, "Okay, WHAT did she eat for breakfast this morning?!?".

In case you were wondering, I had NOTHING to do with the bow! I didn't even know they were doing anything with her hair till I got there. Gotta love Utah!

Yes we still exist!

Sorry, it has been a LONG time, but here they are, a few updates, fast and furious.

In April we took a fun trip down south to visit the Great Grandparents, and also went to Zion. The girls loved it, and their hair is the perfect match there!