Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cowgirl mania!

We had a wild week of birthday fun. 5 parties/activities, plus one special shopping trip with Aunt Sara to Justice, and bringing 27 toy horses to her class with tags that said, "Natasha has finally turned 7 and now she is in horse heaven!", all her idea. Needless to say, we are tired, but had a great time. She said, "this was the best birthday ever!".

On her actual birthday, she requested Pizza hut and cupcakes. Easy for mom! Aunt Jordan surprised us when she was at our house after school, she came down early from Logan and got to have the birthday dinner with us!

Her favorite gift that night, hands down, was her cowgirl boots! She even hugged them in her sleep.

Daddy surprised her and gave her a "secret cowgirl mission". He had a special computer surprise that told her she gets to be trained by a specialist in horses and kids, and will get to go riding. She is very excited!

The next day was her cowgirl party. It was a great time, with her darling friends! They liked to pretend that they were mean cowgirls - just for the picture though.

They played pin the tail on the horse.

It was a fun time for all!

Daddy thought we were nuts at first, but yes, cowgirl boots can be great at church too!

Mommy knows best

After a few days of Cassie not feeling well, she finally spiked a fever and started with a really strange cough. Luckily I had kept her home from nursery the day before. We took her to the doctor, and she has croup and a sinus infection. Poor girl! Sometimes a Mommy just has that feeling when to keep their baby home. She spent much of last night crying in our bed. She felt awful. Today will be a lot of rest and extra love.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Natasha!

Natasha turns 7 today! Technically not until 11:15 tonight, but we won't make her wait that long for her gifts. She looks darling today, and was excited to wear her birthday headband. Hope you have a wonderful day Tasha, can't wait for the cowgirl party tomorrow!

Had to throw this in too. Dr. Seuss's birthday celebration was Monday at school, and they asked the kids to dress up like a character from one of his books. She chose Cindy Lou Who (sp?) from the Grinch, it was a task to try to get the hair like hers, but we did our best!

Big Girl Bed!

Okay, she was getting WAY too big for the crib! Yes, she will be 3 in 2 months, and I hadn't put her in a bed yet. With Natasha, we knew it was time to put her in a bed when she climbed out at 20 months. I figured Cassie would let us know the same way, but she LOVED her crib, and it never occurred to her to try to climb out - VERY different girls. The bed arrived this week, and she is in heaven. She still doesn't try to get out of the bed by herself and will say, "I REALLY want to get out!", when she wakes up. We have bed rails up now, but they didn't match the decor, so I took the pictures before we put them up. She is also thrilled to have a "theme" of her own now. It is a garden/flower theme, and she was in heaven at Tai Pan with me shopping for accessories. Such a big girl!