Friday, February 13, 2009

Confessions of an Exhausted Mom

I went to the midnight showing of Confessions of a Shopaholic with my sister, and I am exhausted. I think I got to bed around 3:00 am. It is after noon now, and I am still not dressed! It was a fun time, and a cute movie. I am glad that I have such a great little sister who makes such fun suggestions to me to do things that I would never do on my own. Jordan, you keep me young!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I love to see the temple

The Draper temple near us is having the open house before it is dedicated, and we had a wonderful time being able to take the girls on a tour. I remember when I was about Natasha's age and went on an open house tour of the Chicago temple. That visit always stuck with me, and I was hoping that Natasha would enjoy it as much as I did. The girls really looked forward to it, and insisted on wearing white dresses, even though the tour only requests church attire. They did pretty good on the tour, weren't as quiet as I would have like, but I think they felt the spirit, and learned a lot.

After the tour they have an area for treats and we were able to take a picture. Yes, Aaron did enjoy himself, despite the strange look on his face!

MLK weekend tradition

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a wonderful holiday, and means a lot to us, even more since we have been on the steps of his famous speech. We talked a lot about the holiday with the kids and did our best to give an age appropriate explanation as to why we had a day off.

Our tradition for MLK though, has nothing to do with the holiday, it just happens to be when we go to the car show. We have gone for years, and Aaron really loves it. We have typically gone with some friends of our and their boys, but they were sick this year so it was just us. The girls loved running from car to car, being able to touch everything!

Christmas Catchup

Yes, Christmas really did exist at our house. I LOVE Christmas and prepare for it all year long, but when I am done, I am done, so it has been hard for me to want to post about it - mind you I have already bought my first Christmas gift for this year's Christmas. I am strange, what can I say.

After a nearly 2 hour wait, we finally got to talk to Santa. Next year I will never wait till the week before Christmas to see him!!!

The girls were both able to decorate the ginger tree this year, and they loved working together.

They had beautiful green Christmas dresses. Our color options are limited since most of the Christmas dresses are red and don't always work with their beautiful hair.

They were so excited on Christmas Eve, they could barely contain themselves.

Natasha got her coveted "Spy Kit", and she was in heaven. These glasses have mirrors and allow you to see behind you!

I surprised Aaron and got him what we now call the snow beast. To call it a snow blower really isn't accurate. It is a beast, and does a great job, even if it is taking up nearly all of the shed!

Cassie loved her Elmo from Santa, but Christmas day she wore her "cooker outfit" for hours. We love all of her pretend treats she makes for us.