Monday, July 28, 2008

Farm Fun, First Hikes, and Starfish

A few weeks ago, we had a Family Home Evening at the farm at Thanksgiving Point, the girls were in heaven!

On Saturday, we took Cassie for her first "hike", up Little Cottonwood Canyon. Natasha kept saying that it was only a walk/run because it was paved and pretty flat. The girls did get to see a few mountain critters and get dirty in the brush, so we could consider it a real first "hike" for Cassie. Maybe she will be ready for Moab soon?

After our hike it rained, A LOT. There was a beautiful double rainbow after it finally stopped.

Natasha started her swim classes today, and it is all she can talk about. she will be going three days a week for the next three weeks until school starts. It is a great time for her, but very hard for Cassie to have to sit on the side and watch. Somedays it is really hard to be only two.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Time!

It has been a while since I updated and a lot of things have happened, LOTS of pictures to share.

Natasha and Cassie spent most of Saturday in the kiddie pool with their good friends Libby and Zack. Mommy was on hand at all times for saftey, and water and treats as needed. Aaron worked in the yard till 7:30, he was exhausted, but did enjoy being in the sun.

We had a great time at the Provo 4th of July parade. We went with Gramie, Papa, Aunt Jordan, and Aaron's long time friend Brandon and his family. You can see Natasha lost her front tooth!

That night we were lucky enough to be given two free tickets to the Stadium of Fire where Miley Cyrus was doing a show! Natasha was in HEAVEN!!! Thanks Uncle Dave, you made her day, and we had great seats!!!

Natasha had her Kindergarten graduation, and it was darling. I didn't cry on her first day of school, but I certainly teared up at this darling program! She is the future class of 2020.

Mrs. Lo was a great teacher!

Natasha did a great job on her part, "K is for Kindergarten we can't believe it's done, but we sure are excited to go to grade one!"

The "cute boy" in class sat at her table, and she was thrilled.

The week before school ended we had a field trip to the Zoo. I was able to bring Cassie and we all had a wonderful time seeing all of the animals that the kids had done their reports on.