Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A day with Aunt Jordan

We are off track right now, which is quite the adjustment. We have been busy taking Natasha to Super Sport, sleeping in, being lazy, and yesterday we went up to Logan to visit Aunt Jordan at USU. The girls have missed her a lot, and didn't even complain on the almost 2 hour drive! We got to see her dorm, meet some of her friends, take her out to an off campus lunch (very exciting to someone who doesn't get to eat out much!), and walked around the beautiful campus. Along our walk, we couldn't help but notice all of the beautiful color and the leaves all over the lawn. Taking cute pictures in the leaves turned into a leaf fight, but the smiles are well worth it. Miss you Aunt Jordan!

My how times have changed

We went to Gardner Village over UEA (us and the rest of the world!) with some of my highschool friends and their kids. When we went to lunch and had to add up how many seats we needed, we were shocked to find out that although there were only three adults, we were a party of 11 - 8 kids!! Times have certainly changed, now we talk about potty training, dicipline books, and funny things our kids do. A little different from the lunches at OHS dreaming with our Bride's Magazine!

The Binkie Fairy came

The binkie fairy came to our house a few weeks ago. Yes, Cassie is almost two and a half, and still used a binkie at nap and bed time. Enough was enough so we put all of her binkies in a bag for the fairy to take away. The girls also added a small table with treats and water for her, along with a bed just in case she was tired from the long "flight". The fairy took the binkies and left her a stuffed bear, "Penny". She was really excited about it. Although it took her a little while to adjust, she has done really well, and hasn't even asked about her "di di" for over a week. It has made the potty training go back a few steps, but hey, one thing at a time.