Saturday, September 18, 2010

Clear the clutter

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Finally updated

Don't die of shock that I have actually updated the blog. Be sure to scroll all the way through, there is a lot I have missed.

It all started when I got my "little lady" for Christmas. That is what we call my new netbook. I love it, and have used that for everything, so I haven't even been on the family computer where we keep all of our pictures, so that has slowed me down in the blogging world.

Finally today, I took the time to sit down, dowload the over 500 pictures, and work on the blog, only to find that my husband has changed everything on the home computer, including the operating system. My typical program for downloading and editing pictures is not on the computer anymore! AHHHH!! So, when my darling gets home from work, and puts my programs back on, I will be able to have all of the pictures facing the correct way. Gotta love those tech savy husbands... :)


Natasha was baptized on April 10. It was a wonderful and special day. I will post more of the professional pictures taken the day before when I get to it. They are amazing!


Easter was great, the girls looked BEAUTIFUL in their dresses. We colored eggs, and had 4 egg hunts, mom is still slowly giving them the candy they collected!

Natasha is 8!

Natasha turned 8 on March 5, a big day, she was finally able to be the "big girl" with out the legally required booster seat. She is thrilled. We had dinner at her favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. Later we had a party with all of her friends at the aquarium. They all had a fun time, even Cassie and her friend Tyler were interested in seeing the sharks.

Pronghorn Antelope

We were given basically 48 hours to complete a HUGE project for Natasha (remember this is only second grade). She was given pronghorn antelope to work on. We quickly learned that it would not be possible to acquire the necessary antelope figurine in the time given, so we performed "surgery" on a deer figuring and gave it the markings of an antelope. It was a lot of work, but she did get the whole 5 points possible for that part of the project.

More St. George

We have been lucky enough to have taken two trips to St. George so far this year. We love visiting the Great Grandparents. The weather wasn't great the last time, so we took the girls to their new ice skating rink. It was a lot of fun. Then, on a complete fluke, we were able to cross paths with an Uncle as we was traveling across the country doing training, and happened to be on the same road we were on, so we stopped for a brief visit!

Crochet projects

We have been busy teaching Natasha how to crochet, and making fun "accessories". It was great to have 4 generations all working together!


Christmas was great. The girls loved thier dolls, and we had wonderful family time that evening.